Casino Tears Podcast

Welcome to Casino Tears, an in-depth exploration of the thrilling world of craps and gambling with a focus on the major hubs of Las Vegas, Mississippi, and Atlantic City. Your hosts are Ten Ton is Number 1 and Roll 2 Win Craps who combined, bring 50 years of playing experience to the table. Based in Vegas and Alabama, respectively, we hope to inspire and inform while offering fresh takes from two very different personalities. Join us as we navigate through a constant flow of trip reports, uncovering stories, and sharing perspectives on all aspects of game play from dice influence to advanced betting strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or new player, this podcast offers a captivating journey into the fascinating world of craps and casino life. Tune in weekly for a dose of laughs as listeners are encouraged to call the Casino Tears Vent Line, and invited to share their own stories as well as thoughts about the hosts…the good, bad or the ugly.